Discover how my powerful “Assault Letter” blueprint
enforces Credit Bureaus to ACT and ethically:




Negative items from your Credit Report in as little as 10 - 21 Days!

Making buying anything, from a home to a car INCREDIBLY possible.

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We are proud of our ability to help people just like you conquer their credit repair fears.


Traditional credit repair just doesn't work like it used to, not even close. What we do is completely different, more dependable, predictable, ethical and extremely fast.

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Metro2 Compliance Certified Master

One of only a handful of Metro2 Compliance Certified Masters in the world, we are above and beyond all others.

Who we are

Relion Credit Solutions of Cape Coral Florida

Relion does not dispute the validity of any account. It doesn't matter if you were truly late, or the account is valid. We challenge the compliance of Metro2 reporting to get items removed from your credit report. Our credit repair methods are far and beyond anything any other credit repair company is doing. In fact, less than 5% of the country's repair firms do what we do. This is why we get faster, dependable, reliable and ethical results that you need.

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What we get deleted

  • Foreclosures89%
  • Bankruptcies94%
  • Repossessions92%
  • Tax Liens90%
  • Judgements97%
  • Charge offs88%
  • Collections87%
  • Late Payments99%
  • Inquiries98%
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There are more than a few
things that we can do
very very well.

Get you mortgage credit ready

With Anthony's 10+ years of underwriting experience, we know exactly what to do to get you approved for your mortgage

Get you auto credit ready

With our partnerships with auto dealers, we have a vast knowledge of how to get you approved for your new car

Get you financially healthy

A good credit score does not mean a healthy credit life. We challenge all aspects of your credit profile to make you credit healthy

Get you back on track

With a healthy credit profile, you are back on track with low interest rates and the ability to get approved for almost anything



9 out of 10 consumers that DISPUTE never see a change in scores



Approximately 9,621 had a score change of LESS than 25 points



Only 4 in 1000 DISPUTING are SIGNIFICANTLY Successful



Approximately 1 in 20 had a score change of more than 25 points

or 90,000 Americans

of 10,000 successes

or approx. 2 people

or just 19 people

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Regardless if you live in Cape Coral Florida or upstate Florida, we are excited to help all Floridians. Do not hesitate to ask any question you have regarding credit repair, or any other topic on you mind as it relates to your credit or your business credit.

We LOVE the fact that we get to work from our homes and hang out with our families while we work. Because of this, we do not see the need to have a business office anywhere that you can come to visit us. However, we are glad to talk to you via a face-to-face chat room from one of our partners; RingCentral, Glip or FaceBook. Of-course, we are also happy to talk to you the old fashion way, by telephone as well.

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We all love the fact that we get to work for you from our home with our families. Because of this we do not have a business office that you can come to visit

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