On be half of myself, James, and the CEO, Christina, we want to thank you for entrusting US to be your credit repair company of choice. 

We realize there are a BAZILLION other choices you could have made, but choosing us is a huge Honor. 

My wife, Christina (Mrs. Boss Lady!), and myself, are committed to making every effort to improving your CREDIT HEALTH, not just your credit score. In-fact, truth be told, we don't give a darn about your score, we only care about getting your credit healthy, to be able to be financed for anything at anytime. 

You have entrusted us with what should be your most guarded possession, and we take that EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. 

If at anytime, you have questions or concerns, we are a simple message or phone call away!

Thank you again for your business...     now let's go KICK THE CREDIT MAFIA'S BUTT!