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Finally, credit repair that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Just submit your required information, receive your letters, and mail them off!

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Simply send your information and our automated system goes to work. So you can get started immediately 

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Most credit repair companies take days before they even begin your credit repair process. You will have your challenge letters in less than 24 hours.


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You can mail your letters right away. Start seeing results in under 30 days! You are in full control of the process.


You can relax knowing that we have your back and will rest at nothing to get you credit healthy as quickly as possible.

Why Relion Credit Solutions?

Unlike most other credit repair companies that mail out only few letters a month keeping you in their program for as long as possible with minimal results, we challenge EVERYTHING EVERY MONTH getting you out of our program as quickly as possible.

We challenge everything that affects your credit health not just your score! We aim to get you credit ready as fast as possible so you can get back to your life. 

Much different then 95% of the other credit repair companies, we do not dispute the validity of any item on your credit report, leading to countless verified items. We challenge the reporting compliance of metro2, that the bureaus themselves have put into place and require, resulting in faster, more dependable results. 


With better credit, you get a better life. Don't delay knowing that you deserve better credit and pay far less for the necessary things in your life. 

Don't continue to suffer in high interest rates drowning in high payments.

Live better starting in weeks, enroll today...enroll now!

Get instant access to Metro2 5 points of compliance explained now!

Learn what it actually means to be in compliance with Metro2 and how it affects your credit repair. 

Learn why disputing items on your credit report all but guarantees failure for all but 5% of all disputes sent to the bureaus.

Metro2 5 Points...

Of Compliance Explained

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James is the best at what he does

James is the best at what he does I’ve been trying to repair my credit on my own for over a year and along the way I’ve hired so called credit gurus with little to no movement. As soon as I got James on the case within two weeks things started flying off my report. Now every case is different but I’ve had nothing but success from the Relion Group. Thanks so much James for changing my life. (Brooke Farmer)

BROOKE HARDIN  //  Google Review

I have received stellar service...

I have received stellar service from James and Relion Credit Solutions. Response time for questions and assistance is so fast! His work is thorough and detailed. James is an expert in credit repair and uses that expertise to help his clients achieve optimum results fast!

AMANDA JAHANVASH  //  Google Review

metro2 5 points of compliance explained

Learn what it actually means to be in compliance with Metro2 and how it affects your credit repair.
Learn why disputing items on your credit report all but guarantees failure for all but 5% of all disputes sent to the bureaus.

  1. 1
    e-Oscar is a web-based, Metro2 compliant automated system: this is very important,
    because Metro2 has been around for quite some time, however it never really had any
    “teeth” to it until this phrase was added in March of 2015.
  2. 2
    Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) include Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion,
    their affiliates or Independent Credit Bureaus and Mortgage Reporting Companies. eOscar also provides for Data Furnishers (DF’s) to send “out of cycle” credit history
    updates to CRA’s:
    What this means is that not only are the major CRA’s held to be Metro2 compliant, but anyone they share information with…anyone. 
  3. 3
    Automated Credit Dispute Verification (ACDV) initiated by a CRA on behalf of a
    consumer are routed to the appropriate DF based on the CRA and subscriber code
    affiliations indicated by the DF.
    Simply put, the CRA are required to forward all disputes
    to the DF who had reported the item to the CRA for verification. 
  4. 4
    The ACDV is returned to the initiating CRA with updated information (if any) relating to
    the consumer’s credit history: 
    So, what happens is AFTER the DF has found what is has
    found, they then report it back to the requesting DF or requesting CRA with their findings.
  5. 5
    If an account is modified or deleted, carbon copies are sent to each CRA with whom the DF has a reporting relationship: CARBON COPIES? Are you kidding me? Metro2
    Compliance mandates that carbon copies be sent out. Who the heck uses carbon copies of anything anymore?

JAMES HYATT  //  Husband, Father, Author & Entrepreneur

I am one of only a handful of Metro2 compliance method masters in the country. A partner to the innovator, Rodney Peak, I'm truly am a master to this method of credit repair. 

A father of 6 children, a devoted husband, work-a-holic and a lover of life, I strive to increase the happiness of those around him. 

"Get results or we will continue your credit repair free of charge!"


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Awesome customer service...

Awesome customer service Relion went above and beyond my expectations!

Yvonne Cusack  //  Google Review

...within a few hours...

I signed up with James and within a few hours I had my letters. James always answers all my questions within a timely manner.

KATHY DAVIS  //  Google Review

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The best time to start repairing your credit was yesterday. Understand why the industry that disputes all but guarantees a 96% failure when disputing versus our methods.

Metro2 5 Points...

Of Compliance Explained


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