Relion Metro2 Auto
Referral Program

We send you pre-qualified customers who want to buy

no joke, not even a giggle

"Our program works amazingly well. Not only does it give the dealership a well qualified, eager buyer, it virtually guarantees the customer will purchase from them and not another dealership."

James Hyatt | Relion Credit Solutions founder

Our Metro2 Auto Referral Program

The Metro2 Auto Referral Program virtually guarantees that our client comes to your dealership to purchase their new car, not at another dealership.

The client pays us for our services, but gets reimbursed for that expense when they purchase their new car from you, and only you. This makes our services free to the client, which is how we get a lot of clients.

This particular portion of our program is the bulk of the programs genius. When our client purchases their new car from your dealership, they know that the money they spent with our firm is coming back to them. This virtually ensures that our client, your new customer, not only wants to buy a car, but they want to buy it from your dealership.

Another great aspect of our program that works in your favor, is that our prices are high. In fact, 5-10 times higher than other local, or national companies. This higher price point ensures that our new client is serious about purchasing, and is willing to pay that money because they know they will be getting it back when they buy their new car.

When all is done, and our client becomes your customer, we get a referral fee for sending you a great, qualified and eager buyer to your dealership. 

Total Cost to Your Dealership

-$500 reimbursement to our client, your new customer, at the time of the sale PLUS

-$500 referral fee paid to us ONLY when the contract is signed and the deal is finalized

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